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After High School I studied International Business Economy for another two years.All my life I have been very interested in sports and nutrition and until I was 27 my passion was Handball and personal fitness.I was also awarded "Sales Exec of the year, 1995" among more than 1500 sales Exec´s worldwide.I was flying and IT was everything I hoped it would be.My first job after my diploma as an International Business Economist was as a Shop Manager Trainee in the Danish success retail chain; Jysk, which are famous for selling bed and linen, furniture’s and more at very attractive prices.I started out in an outlet in the Swedish city Gothenburg.

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I have had the pleasure to meet him several times and every time I get more amazed, Lars Larsen is one we in Denmark could be very proud of and should and could learn a lot from. 4 years and was heading 3-4 different shops in Sweden before I decided to move back to Denmark.I believe one of my strongest skills is selling, and I believe I do it quite well.I indeed find the joy n finding people's need in what I have to sell, and getting them to agree gives me satisfaction. I was raised in a typical family: father Alex and mother Jonna, together with my little brother, and today best friend, Anders.It was the days of the "I love you" and "Kurnikova" viruses and new virus outbreaks were almost everyday news.Also lots of surveys said that more than 80% of computers in private homes lacked security…that became the reasons and start of MYSecurity Center.

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