Amigas nofees

Plus, you will have the chance to meet the staff of both Amiga Shopper and our sister magazine Amiga Format, and the staff of all the Future Publishing computer magazines.

A number of technical question and answer sessions will also be running, so you can bring along all of those awkward problems and see if we really know what we are talking about.

,....„£ 1 2,99 HQW TO ORDER Order by telephone quoting your credit card number.

£6.99 5 Metre printer cable £8,99 1 Metre printer cable......

YOUR DEFINITIVE AMIGA GUIDE From the makers of AMIGA Mean machine! 1 : 1 Cation Canon BJ I Osx £ 1 8 1 .99 Lu*r qualit j output. £9.99 Ribbon* Citizen Swift mono ribbon ,..,£4.99 Citizen Swift Colour ribbon, .. All manner of wonderful things will be there, including a special area dedicated to the Amiga, with the chance to try out many new bits of hardware and software.

show you how raig Collins created this cover on his Amiga! Please ask your newsagent for a copy of the Internet, modems and the whole comms thing" preview ISSUE 42 OCTOBER 1 SEE BACK-COVER FOR MORE DETAI uiure Your guarantee of value 770961 "730056 ate Night Opening dnesdays&Triurdays J till 7.30pm Open Sunday ^J I am to 4pmj COMPUTER CENTRE I All Our printers come with rihbonrtoner, I I printerdrivers (if available), paper & cables. AJI braided isks come wtti labels Disklabels5O0.,.£6,99 1000. Or in Earls Court 2 between the 26th and 30th of October anyway, because that's when the Future Entertainment Show will be coming to town.

We give you the options for expanding your A1200... t.,2 j Mhvid* canr UBe wertiwi of BJ2QQ only UUM Canon BJC600 Colour....£S 32.99 w bubble jet 1mm cp* draft, 47 cpa LQ, JW«K buffer , 1 fonts Star SJ 1 44 Colour.£339.99 Stunning: affordable colour printer. low running costs CONSUMABLES QTY DSf DD DISKS Branded DS/DD 10 10 50 100 200 5 DO 1000 £4.49 C 11.79 £20.59 £37.99 £69.99 £ 1 68.99 £324.99 £5.49 £14.99 £22,99 £42.99 £79.99 £190.99 £365,99 All d'ri Q are gurantad IHfi. £5.99 PREMIER Ink Refills save a rortun* In running ™na with your Imk'nubbte |et. There's going to be a hot time in the town tonight.

tef safe w The Health and Safety executive have produced a handy guide for setup complies with the current health and safety legislation. how to assess any risks in your current setup and how to plan any new setups you may be installing.

Although the precise details have not been finalised at the time of going to Earls Court 2 26 th - M» October 1994 Entertainment WW CD-Rom O Amiga O Mate O PC O CD-i O Consoles .

press, there will be seminars on subjects such as Video, 3D graphics and multimedia.

If you are that way inclined, there will also be plenty of games type things, including the chance to try out some of those new tangled CD machines.

The throbbing heart of this event will be the Amiga theatre, where we will be running a variety of seminars.

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