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Men tend to get jealous because they don’t like other men dating pretty young women when they aren’t.So, it creates feelings of jealously, although these same guys would likely jump at the chance to date younger.But not all rela­tion­ships are that sim­ple, because women and men are often a lit­tle more mul­ti­di­men­sional than that.So maybe there’s more to sex­ual chem­istry than biol­ogy.While fairly normal throughout most of history, relationship and attraction age gaps are a controversial topic these days (sometimes ruled out as bad, being a victim of the mythical “Half Your Age Plus Seven Rule“).

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I believe that the whole “daddy issues” put down is usually a way for jealous people negatively impacted by age-gap relationships to shame those in them.So, despite male attraction preferences, and occasional stories of elite older guys (like celebrities and CEOs) dating much younger women, age-gap relationships are pretty rare.So, it’s clear that society has mixed views on age gap relationships, especially when the women is much younger.In fact, there are prob­a­bly many younger women who pre­fer that, and, lucky for them, there are a lot of afflu­ent older men who are more than happy to shower these women with the finer things. Con­sent­ing adults can date and marry for dif­fer­ent reasons.At the same time, most peo­ple would be hard-pressed to find exam­ples of beau­ti­ful young women dat­ing poor older men with lim­ited finan­cial means.

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