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First, no they are not, and thats because of pressure broadening. LOWER ATMOSPHERIC WARMTH IS DUE TO THE LAPSE RATE/ADIABATIC COMPRESSION.

Second, even if the atmosphere was 100% opaque, it doesnt matter. No, the lapse rate describes how the temperature of a parcel of air changes from adiabatic compression/expansion of air as it sinks/rises.

Is there an average temperature of your bathtub full of water? Now, we might argue over how to do the averaging (Spatial? ), but you can compute an average, and you can monitor it over time, and see if it changes.

The exercise is only futile if your sampling isnt good enough to realistically monitor changes over time.

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You cannot write a physics-based equation to obtain the average temperature at any altitude without using the energy budget. WARMING CAUSES CO2 TO RISE, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND The rate of rise in atmospheric CO2 is currently 2 ppm/yr, a rate which is !

If adiabatic compression explains temperature, why is the atmospheric temperature at 100 mb is nearly the same as the temperature at 1 mb, despite 100x as much atmospheric pressure? So, where is the 100x as fast rise in todays temperature causing this CO2 rise? But not to worry CO2 is the elixir of lifelets embrace more of it! THE IPCC MODELS ARE FOR A FLAT EARTH I have no explanation where this little tidbit of misinformation comes from.

It is easily confused with holly, but it could not be more different–holly has sharp, spiked leaves and red berries.

So, it can explain how the temperature temperature is.

Explaining absolute air temperature is an energy budget question.

Climate models address a spherical, rotating, Earth with a day-night (diurnal) cycle in solar illumination and atmospheric Coriolis force (due to both Earth curvature and rotation).

Yes, you can do a global average of energy flows and show them in a flat-earth cartoon, like the Kiehl-Trenberth energy budget diagram which is a useful learning tool, but I hope most thinking people can distinguish between a handful of global-average average numbers in a conceptual diagram, and a full-blown 3D global climate model. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GLOBAL AVERAGE TEMPERATURE Really?!

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