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Translation I verb/helping Verb का प्रयोग I have का प्रयोग Questions Words का प्रयोग There, it, If Let का प्रयोग Tenses...

Simple Translation Present Indefinite Tense Present Continuous Tense Present Perfect Tense Present Perfect Continuous Tense Past Indefinite Tense Past Continuous Tense Past Perfect Tense Past Perfect Continuous Tense Future Indefinite Tense Future Continuous Tense Future Perfect Tense Future Perfect Continuous Tense Modals (मॉडल).... It costs you almost no cellular data when you use it.

Word by word searches of a foreign language text using books are now a thing of the past thanks to the rapid and effective tools provided here.

Choose an Online Learning Phrase Book from the list below; there are 3000 entries in each one!

The Google app is certainly a bonus for smartphone users.

We found it to be extremely easy to use and the transliteration works quite well.

Featuring the natural voice of native-speakers, the Lingvo Soft Online Learning Talking Phrase Book is a great travel companion and an An impressive foreign language vocabulary is now achievable in less time than ever!

If you are tired of old-fashioned spelling drill This service will be available online from the end of 2006.

It works like a keyboard extension and once you install the app, you can choose to type in Hindi for just about everything.You can select from the various forms of words by long pressing on the character key.Typing in Hindi using the app is quite easy Google's transliteration service is available online and it supports several Indian and international languages.Simple Translation May (सकता है) Might (सकता है/सकता था) May have / Might have Can (सकता है) Could (सकता है/सकता था) Will be able to Shall/Will Should And Ought To Would Must (जरूर चाहिए,अवश्य चाहिए) Need (ज़रूरत,आवश्यकता) Dare (हिम्मत,साहस) Used To Have/Has (पास है/रखता है) Polite Words (विनम्र शब्द) Compulsion Sentenes (मजबूरी वाले वाक्य) Questions Making..... कि बातचीत) Introducing a friend (एक दोस्त का परिचय करना कि बातचीत) Buying a shirt (कमीज़ खरीदना कि बातचीत) Ask about the place (जगह के बारें में पूछना कि बातचीत) Who is that woman? कि बातचीत) Market is Close (बाज़ार बंद है कि बातचीत) General Questions (सामान्य सवाल कि बातचीत) I lost my wallet (मैंने अपना बटुआ खो दिया कि बातचीत) Phone in the office (दफ़्तर में फ़ोन कि बातचीत) I don't care whether you believe it or not. 9Apps also provides other hot Education apps(games) for android mobile phone.Simple Translation Yes/No Type Questions Tag Type Questions W-family words - What & Which W-family words - Who, Whom W-family words - Who, Whose W-family words - Where & When W-family words - Why & How Other Types of Questions Dialogues & Conversations..... Download only quality free Android apps and games from 9Apps.

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