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Two of these are described as riding on camels, and a priest from whom a silver crown and a gold ring were taken was also killed.

The text goes on to describe how he defeated the Noba at the crossing of the Atbara, burnt their towns and seized much material including stocks of cotton, and killed many of this enemy, among whom were several chiefs whose names are given.The impressive architecture of the temples at Yeha, and of the newly discovered one near by at Grat-Beal-Guebri, which employed, in typical Syrian style, both wood and stone in their construction, are good evidence for this, and for the introduction of Syrian religious practices.Grat-Beal-Guebri appears to be built above the massive foundations of an earlier building, going back perhaps to the time of the first settlers.Since there were two levels of building above the spot at which the coin was found, it provides some evidence for occupation into at least the later fourth century.There is also a graffito on the wall of the chapel of pyramid N.

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