Gestational dating ultrasound

An invasive method involves probes or needles being inserted into the uterus, e.g.amniocentesis, which can be done from about 14 weeks gestation, and usually up to about 20 weeks, and chorionic villus sampling, which can be done earlier (between 9.5 and 12.5 weeks gestation) but which may be slightly more risky to the fetus.A risk score of 0 would therefore be considered low-risk by many physicians.

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Examination of the woman's uterus from outside the body. Commonly dating scans (sometimes known as booking scans or dating ultrasounds) from 7 weeks to confirm pregnancy dates and look for multiple pregnancies.

Common diagnosis procedures include amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling.

In some cases, the tests are administered to determine if the fetus will be aborted, though physicians and patients also find it useful to diagnose high-risk pregnancies early so that delivery can be scheduled in a tertiary care hospital where the baby can receive appropriate care.

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