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You'll find guides about: Combat Skills Archery - Snipe enemies from afar. Heavy Armor - High damage resistance One Handed Weapons - for sword and shield or dual wield Smithing - upgrade your gear!

Magic Skills Conjuration - summon monsters to help you fight. Enchanting - Learn to enhance gear with magical effects.

If you end up on a quest page, you'll generally find that it lacks plot details so that you can enjoy the game for yourself.

I'm just there to help explain how things work to new players and how you can make a powerful build. Realm of Gaming: Game Reviews and News VGCollect - a Video Game Database to help track your collection Variety Reading: Inspirational Articles Touching Stories Follow @carlsguides Current Projects I'm presently focused on Fallout 4 and improvement of my Sims 4 Guide.

It covers every perk in the game, the Automatron and Far Harbor DLC, and offers advice without spoiling anything in the game.It's fully usable now, but will improve over time as more information is clarified and I learn more about the game. My Terraria Guide focuses on gameplay and how to get specific, desireable items.My walkthrough portion highlights a lot of little strategies that can help a player progress past the Wall of Flesh, into hard mode, and one day conquer the Moon Lord.I've written a huge Civ 5 strategy guide which features information on all major gameplay mechanics, how they work, and how you can exploit them in this grand 4x strategy game.The most popular guides for this game are: Civs & Leader Bonuses Science Happiness Spies World Congress Victory Conditions Diplomacy Cities Social Policies City States Science Victory My Skyrim Guide is about 40 pages and features information on all of the skills and perks within the game.

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