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"My favorite wow moment of the tour would have been our day at Ashford Castle.

The grounds were stunning, the weather was perfect and our activity of falconry was very unique and special. the country, the history, the people, the stories, the food, and the music!

With Dara, and the local tour guides, we learned so much about the history and culture of the Republic and Northern Ireland. Having the focus on Irish music was an excellent addition that I was not expecting and it was very welcome.

It truly was "The Best of Ireland." "There were many. In many cases I felt I could have stayed a little longer in one place or another. In addition to that there were two tour guides who were so exceptional they moved me to tears and gave me a very insightful view of the history of Ireland." Beautiful scenery, FANTASTIC food, wonderful travel companions, a remarkable tour guide (Dara), cool temps (we're from Houston after all, and crave cooler weather!

We'll stop to tour the strikingly designed Great Blasket Centre, where we'll get an intimate look at the language, literature, and daily life of a traditional Gaelic Blasket community. Tonight we'll share dinner together and sleep in Galway (2 nights). There you can join your guide for a minibus tour 'round this dramatic island, including the site of its ancient, cliff-hanging Celtic fortress, Dun Aengus. We'll stop in the charming town of Cong (where Maureen O' Hara and John Wayne filmed in 1951), stroll through the picturesque abbey ruins, and visit the hawks of Ashford Castle. In Derry, a local guide will take us on a tour of the town, sharing stories about "the Troubles" and the infamous "Bloody Sunday" of 1972. Today we'll explore Northern Ireland's spectacular Antrim Coast, marveling at the bizarre basalt columns and local legends of the Giant's Causeway. This morning we'll drive to Belfast, the vibrant capital of Northern Ireland.

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We enjoyed performances of several traditional Irish music groups thanks to our guide Dara. Yes, it rained a third of the time but the right rain jacket made that manageable. "Probably our stay in Galway where we experienced the hurricane. "Too many to mention." Great tour guide and excellent local guides. "Many wow moments with the musical opportunities but the Falconry School expericience was memorable." Our Ireland trip was fantastic. He was so personable, passionate about all things Ireland (especially music, family and Dingle), fun-loving, organized, helpful, hard-working, knowledgeable, always available, enthusiastic!

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Our trip to the Aran Islands had to be cancelled due to the weather but our guide Dara scrambled to arrange a local guide of Galway (Brian Nolan- superb) and also arranged a personal concert by two extremely gifted musicians. Well planned tour hitting all the best sites with adequate free time. I feel that we had the "perfect storm" (a little hurricane humor! Second was just the fact that we were in Ireland with its spectacular scenery and friendly people.

This was also a great time to get to know some of our fellow members better as we waited out the storm in comfort of our hotel lobby aided by pints of Guinness." The tour was an excellent experience that provided many good memories. Third of all was the members of the tour: totally delightful!

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