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These two should totally start a mother/daughter gold-digging business. Third of all, why doesn't Adam ever get his own storyline? I also LOVE the whole notion of how a marriage is impacted when one person's career is awesome and the other person's career is stalled (totally not speaking from experience) but they're really going to get divorced because Julia kissed another guy? Julia made friends with another dad at school (Ed) at the same time that she and Joel weren't seeing eye to eye about whether to hold Victor (their adopted son) back a grade.

I love Monica Potter as much as the next person, but Peter Krause is totally wasted on the show. And I know you guys do too, because two of you commented about it last week on an entirely different post. I have no idea what the fuck is going on in their storyline. Maybe it's that Joel reminds me of Scott Speedman or that whenever Julia gets choked up with those long lashes, I want to tell her everything will be okay--- whatever it is, they're the most interesting couple on the show. Joel was inexplicably mean to Julia for a few episodes and she kissed her friend Ed.

Finally, I get that the show likes to focus on the mundane aspects of family life BUT I really don't care that Crosby and Jasmine have mold in their house or that Max is being sent to the library during History class. I mean, the open adoption storyline two seasons ago was probably the best story the show has ever done.

I was particularly startled to discover Julia is now a writer for television. He’ll let a brunette with a nice rack claim to be just about anything.This distinction is arbitrary; Julia itself makes no distinction between these two types. There are a number of different options for this within Julia’s syntax, but the style used here is the most familiar to me.Constructors in Julia differ from the PHP-esque style of constructors, which exist within an instance of an object and are executed immediately after the instance has been created.The same applies to defining default values for properties.As an example, below is the current version of the Response class from my experimental web framework.

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