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You’re lifting my skirt and my brain is screaming, telling me to stop you, but I can't. Without realising, I slide my legs further apart for you and I feel your hand run over my knickers, pushing them into my pussy, just making them wetter.I can sense the pleasure in your voice as you moan, "I knew you would be wet for me.” Before I can reply your fingers have pulled my knickers to the side and your face is buried in my pussy.As normal I walk past your office and I feel your eyes on me as I saunter by.A little grin appears on my face as I reach my office, just a few doors down from yours. Just hearing you makes my knickers start to become moist. "Oh Angie, don't think you’re little miss innocent.Then I feel your cockhead pushing against my pussy, pushing yourself into me.I feel the head enter me and stretch me, then slide all the way in.

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" Just then my colleague, Sue, walks into my office so I stop the call abruptly. My mind is fighting, saying that I can stop this now and nothing happens and yet somehow I know that my pussy will win and get the cock it wants.

" I’m not sure what to say as of course my pussy is wet and you know it.

You turn me so that I'm facing my desk and push me down on to it and then I feel you lift me up so I'm on all fours on my desk.

"Matthew, we shouldn't be doing this anyone can walk in!

" You grin wickedly and whisper, "If your pussy is not wet I'll walk out right now, but if it is I want you bent over your desk!

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