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The gem of the collection is Liber Primus Kilkenniensis, a manuscript record of urban records containing a copy of William Marshall’s charter, and continuing to the 16th century.

Time Line for Kilkenny City 11th and 12th centuries St. Cill Chainnigh the centre of power in Kingdom of Osraighe. Canice adopted as Cathedral of diocese of Ossory 1169 Robert Fitz Stephen and Meiler Fitz Henry land at Bannow Bay to help Diarmaid Mac Murchadha recover the kingdom of Leinster.

Even before the Norman Invasion, there was an urban settlement here.

Cill Chainnigh was a stronghold of the kings of Ossory, the Mac Giolla Phádraig family. Canice’s Cathedral, was known in after years as the Irishtown of Kilkenny, and formed a separate town from the Hightown, with its own Corporation until the 1830s.

1244 The bishop of Ossory gives the Dominicans of the Black Abbey the right to draw water from St.

Canice’s Well – Kenny’s Well –document in Corporation archives 1245 Anselm Marshall the last of William Marshall’s sons dies. Isabelle, the widow of the Earl of Gloucester gets County Kilkenny.

Its first Council was elected in 1231 and since then Kilkenny has had a continuous record of municipal government.

From the 13th century to the end of the 16th the chief magistrate was known as the Sovereign, and since then as Mayor.

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