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The wind, however, freshened considerably, and so far as covering the ground was concerned he had been making only half the speed shown on airspeed indicator.

As he circled over the aerodrome, preparing to land, a German Scout machine suddenly appeared from the clouds above him, and immediately to attack.

The airship America, long consigned to footnote status by aviation historians, was the ambition of the six adventurers and one feline involved in the attempt.Wellman and his five man crew after take-off on October 16, 1910 from New Jersey.The airship, its crew and the cat remained aloft for 38 hours, but were forced down just off Bermuda due to a combination of engine problems and bad weather.A formation of British machines had been carrying out some important operations well over the German lines.On the return journey the weather suddenly became hazy, and one of the pilots, Lieutenant Spurling, lost touch with the formation in the clouds.

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