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Finally, after I came, I opened my eyes and instantaneously locked eyes with my mother." "My best friend walked in on me masturbating to Justin Timberlake when he was on SNL last year...she walked in, and apparently didn't know what I was doing (I was under the blankets).It took us about two weeks to actually talk to each other after that." "My dad was always nosy. My door was locked, and being the type of parent that had a good kid that never got in trouble, he assumed I was up to something. He said, 'For God sakes, on the night of your grandmother's funeral? One night I was fondling my lady bits and having a grand ol' time and my mum walks in!Show some damn respect."' "When I was a younger lass I would print out these naughty pictures so that I could fold them up and keep them as secret material for my solo lady time at night. Naturally I tried to act like nothing was happening, shrugged it off like I was scratching my very upper thigh...I was lying on my back spread eagle under a blanket having a grand old time and right before I can finish she walks in and is asking a question but when she sees me she actually screams and slams the door.

She walked in to let me know that my friend showed up and wanted to play Xbox. I had just got my drivers license so my mum just said to my friend, 'he's probably just excited that he got his license...'" "I'm in the military and had just moved into a dorm.Super hot collection of insane videos to watch Rare videos available only in this collection, with super hot women enjoying threesome sex.Probably the finest place where you can watch top threesome porn starring hottest women online.I thought my guilty face said it all so I blurted out, 'I'M MASTURBATING!' She looked me dead in the eye, shrugged, and said, 'let me know when you've finished' then walked out of my room and closed the door.

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