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“His appointment is in line with the recommendations of the latest review report of VBTC and the company needs a strong and a qualified leadership to rescue the organisation’s status today.

“The Council of Ministers has approved the recommendation for the review committee and the job of the new CEO is to carry them out.” Mr Naviti said Mr Herman’s immediate job is to recruit the most qualified leadership team and develop a governance framework within VBTC.

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UTET 2017 Exam pattern, Syllabus and Scheme: UTET Syllabus consists of two objective type question papers.

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“Mr Herman is not new to VBTC because he was once a team leader to the ‘Vois Blong Yumi Project’ from 2009-2011,” he said.

The state-owned broadcaster of Radio Vanuatu and TV Blong Vanuatu has spent unwisely and standards have been steadily dropping for decades.

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