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It will take a long time for me to adjust to this view of life, completely topsy-turvy to the one I’d been indoctrinated to hold up until then.

In a sense, though, I think this topsy-turvy view of what really matters in life can be considered a truly feminist way of thinking.

Years ago, when we were working on the feminist critique together, you were Jewish and you were angry – but what could I say to you then? Remember the disgust we used to feel when we were considered nothing but bodies by all those men out there? When we were striving to be treated with the same respect that men were afforded, when we were fighting to have the opportunity to fulfill our greatest potentials as women – and even when society’s stress on skin-surface beauty was making us sick deep down inside – all of those times – it was our Jewish neshamas (souls) that were crying out to be recognized by us. Not usually barefoot, but pregnant – and baking bread (challahs) on a regular basis.

Remember how we all used to hang out in “Bread and Roses” restaurant – all the angry feminists of Radcliffe, who were mostly Jewish, and who could see so clearly that men were the culprits and that women had been the victims. Now here I am, seven years later, finally feeling ready to say something back to you.

Someone once even showed us some Jewish laws to prove it.

Historians tell us the genesis of food service dates back to ancient times.It requires recognizing fully that the man’s role is not the preferred role.Once this readjustment in thinking can be integrated at a deep level within, it finally becomes possible for a woman to realize her greatest potential.You never wanted others to judge you at face value. An understanding of the woman’s true role in Judaism can only be obtained by suspending your usual way of thinking for awhile.From the very start, we have been taught to believe that public recognition is what counts.

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