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In one message Mjadzelics is asked by admitted child molester Watkins: "What would my baby like to see? " Mjadzelics replies saying she wants to see the child being raped.

In another exchange the mother-of-one told Watkins: "Part of me feels you get off on showing me stuff you can get away with, knowing that is what I have wanted since forever." Mjadzelics, of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, told Watkins she thought they had a "deep connection that couldn't be matched".

I thought he was a lot of things — a drug addict, a womanizer. My first assumption was that maybe there was a mistake …

He was very, very secretive with us about the women he was seeing and any kind of relationship he had.” Gaze held nothing back discussing his long time friend.

But I have no interest in questioning him about it. I don’t think I’d get the answers I wanted and I don’t know what knowing answers to certain questions would give me now either.” “I tried . “To think that somebody I grew up with, who I had been friends with my entire life, whose mother I knew, and how close our families were — to even imagine him…

I find it utterly unbelievable that he was capable of doing those things.

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And so it was with the sick and twisted mind of Ian Watkins, who was after pleading guilty to a series of charges of sexual acts with children along with two defendants, who just happened to be former groupies of the 36-year-old lead singer’s band Lostprophets…and the mother of the babies involved. , guitarists Mike Lewis and Lee Gaze say they have no interest in reconnecting with Watkins.

She told Watkins she wanted to grab a three-year-old off the street and tie it to her bed for them to rape.

Throughout the late night online message sessions they described the sex acts they wanted to commit on infants as well as dogs and horses.

He explained, “He’s a bit of a coward — not a tough guy by any means.

To be in prison, where he’s going to be the guy from the rock band with those charges, I was worried.

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